About Holy Ghost Radio

Holy Ghost Radio is a Pentecostal Radio station that is dedicated to bringing the word of God to people all around the world. Holy Ghost Radio currently has two different channels but will be expanding to more channels in time.

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Holy Ghost Radio has between 3-4,000 sermons currently and is always adding more. If you find a sermon that really speaks to you, all sermons are available as a MP3 or CD. We have sermons available from hundreds of pastors all across the United States.

There are many online religious radio stations, but we are one of the only online Pentecostal Radio Stations. We have a lot of Baptist and Christian listeners as well but most of our sermons are classified as the Pentecostal preaching style. Our goal is to reach a new listener everyday and help bring one person closer to God. There are many Pentecostals that do not have a local radio station that caters to people of Pentecostal faith. That is why Holy Ghost Radio created an online app for your Android or iPhone. You can listen to www.holyghostradio.com from anywhere, anytime of day, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

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We are always utilizing new technology that we can use to reach more people and bring them to God. You can find us on Google Plus, Facebook, and a number of other social media sites as well. If you are looking for a Pentecostal Radio station in your local community do not worry Holy Ghost Radio is only an App Download or website domain name away.

Holy Ghost Radio is always coming up with new campaigns and ideas to reach more listeners. If you tune into our radio station or one of our social media pages you will be able to keep up with some of the campaigns we are going to be rolling out to help people: Connect with God, request prayers, and have people pray for persons you feel need prayed for. Whether you are Pentecostal, Christian, Baptist or any other religion we hope that you will tune into Holy Ghost Radio and receive a message that is meant for you to hear.