Holy Ghost Radio Online Christian Radio Station is expanding

We want to thank everybody that has contributed to make HGR what it is today. From sending us your tapes, donating to the ministry in our sponsor section, to buying sermons online. thank you for all of your support. We are currently offering you the opportunity to broadcast your own program on Holy Ghost Radio 2. here are just a couple of the things that we require.

Do you believe you have the greatest pastor in the world? You should. Do you believe everyone should hear what takes place in your local church? Have you always wanted to have your own program on Holy Ghost Radio? Now you can. We are opening up Holy Ghost Radio 2 for 1 hour weekly programs. You can produce the program or we can help you produce it. For more information on rates contact Marcelo Duran at 623 262 5121 or email us at mdhgr@cox.net

You must be of the same precious faith as the content on Holy Ghost Radio. Jesus Name baptism, infilling of the Holy Ghost with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues – Acts 2:1 – 4, 2:38 etc. Anyone else, please save your time and ours, don’t contact us.