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Greetings to everybody that listens to, loves and supports HGR. We are very thankful for each and every one of you that buys content from our shop, be it cds or mp3s. We want to thank everyone that has signed up to become an HGR VIP Already. We also want to thank those of you who have gone above and beyond by becoming a monthly sponsor of the ministry. The proceeds from the shop, from the HGR VIP memberships, from monthly sponsors and live events that we broadcast help keep the ministry stay on the air. As you are all aware of by now, we have all been impacted by the Corona virus in one way or another. Many of our churches across the land can no longer gather together to hold services. Just as your life has been impacted, HGR has been impacted as well. The LIVE broadcasts of the conferences are a huge percentage of the financial support for HGR. We were not able to broadcast most of our live events in March because they were cancelled due to the Corona virus precautions. A lot of the events for April have been cancelled as well and we are sure that others will follow.
We have over 60,000 listeners that tune in and are ministered to by HGR each month. We are reaching out to those of you who have not signed up to become HGR VIP members yet. Our goal is to have 1,000 HGR VIP subscribers at $10 dollars a month or $100 a year to help us offset the costs of operations to keep the ministry running. HGR is not owned or ran by any organization or church. HGR is a God given vision to Jeff Hoffer – owner and founder of HGR, back in 1999. Jeff Hoffer has footed the overhead and the cost of operations during all these years since inception. During the early years, the costs of operations were offset because Jeff Hoffer had a stable income as an RV reseller. That business died down after 2008. When HGR was not as big as it is now, and when the RV business was good, Jeff Hoffer was able to cover the costs of operation. Ever since his RV business income dried out, he has been taking on more debt each year to cover the costs. I had the privilege of joining him back in 2004. Jeff Hoffer has been my best friend since then. We are constantly on the phone every day trying to keep HGR going. God has led and empowered it to be a ministry that is ran by two people during all these years. His family and mine have sacrificed a lot to allow him and I to do what we do.
I have a job at Home Depot. Jeff still tries to make some money from the dried up RV business and as a driver for Amazon to support our families. I am making a desperate call to action to those of you who have not signed up to become an HGR VIP member or a monthly subscriber to do so. Please allow us to continue to expand and grow to continue to reach new souls and continue to bless people. We have over 12,000 sermons in our archives. We have about 9,000 that we need to add.
Many are the people that are benefited by HGR. Many people email us and tell us about what a blessing HGR has been and is to their lives. Many young adults have told us about how HGR has been a part of their lives growing up, how their parents have always had it on in the house as they grew up. Many ministers and saints have come back to God because of something that they heard on HGR. Jeff and I constantly hear stories by missionaries when we go around the country to different live events as to how HGR helps them on the mission field. HGR is all they have to remind them of home. Many are the saints that email us or call us to let us know that they are grateful for being able to hear the truth preached like it used to be in previous years.
During these times of hardship, Join The Drive, Keep HGR Alive! Become an HGR VIP or a monthly sponsor. As a VIP, you will receive access to 20 of our stations on our website. These are currently only available to HGR VIP Members on our website.

Here is what HGR VIP gives you – 20 streams on our website $10 per month or $100 per year

HGR 1, HGR 2, HGR 3, HGR 4, HGR 5

HGR Ladies, HGR Music, HGR Dmm Business Class

HGR Jeff Arnold, HGR Joel Holmes, HGR Johnny Godair, HGR Keith Clark, HGR Larry Booker, HGR Lee Stoenking, HGR N J Wilson, Marvin Terrell.

HGR Arabic, HGR Español 1, HGR Español 2, HGR Portugues,

Please do your part today and sign up on our website


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