About Holy Ghost Radio

Holy Ghost Radio is a Pentecostal Radio station that is dedicated to bringing the word of God to people all around the world. Holy Ghost Radio currently has two different channels but will be expanding to more channels in time. Holy Ghost Radio has between 3-4,000 sermons currently and is always adding more. If you […]

HGR Preacher’s Corner episode 001 Larry Booker

Preacher’s Corner episode 1 – Larry BookerOn today’s podcast we offer you Preacher’s Corner episode 001. Jeff Hoffer interviewed Rev. Larry Booker on their way to the airport heading back home from a conference. Preacher’s Corner is a program that we will do periodically where we interview a minister and ask him or her a […]

HGR Update 5 20 2014

Praise the Lord everybody. Wanted to thank everyone for helping us reach the 132,000 download mark on the apps. Thank you for spreading the word about Holy Ghost Radio. Issues with the app and Galaxy s4 and s5. Some users have been having problems with the app and their phones. there is an issue with […]

HGR Feedback: March 7th, 2014

I love Holy Ghost Radio!!! It is such of a blessing to me and my family. We listen to it every day and I usually fall asleep listening to it. It truly blesses my soul to hear good old fashioned hard core holiness preached! May the Lord richly bless your ministry and all that you […]

HGR Update: February 4th, 2014

Praise the Lord everybody. We have made some changes to our site that we pray you will take advantage of. We have added a link to each sermon that we play, you can go to either HGR 1 or HGR 2 and find a list of the last 30 things that we have played, you […]

HGR Feedback: January 30th, 2014

Praise the Lord everybody. We appreciate all of the feedback that we receive from our listeners, this one in particular caught my attention. My response to this email was the audio that you can play or download below if you like. I would 10 times rather hear a pastor preach WITHOUT YELLING in my ear. […]