Tour the Bible Episode 4

The Tour The Bible Broadcast – 11/23/2017 – The first annual Thanksgiving Day special, featuring many listeners who have called in to share what they want to thank God for in 2017. A special Happy Thanksgiving call from POTUS, the introduction of Christmas music for the Holiday Season, updates from SBL, and Christopher shares what […]

Tour the Bible Episode 3

Ep. 3: The Tour The Bible Broadcast – 11/16/2017 – Engaging discussion centering on important events of the day…and some that are not so important. Christopher explains why we should not avoid teaching Biblical prophecy despite the fact that it is often misused and his quest for a permanent co-host continues. Plus, audience questions are […]

Tour the Bible Episode 2

The Tour The Bible Broadcast – 11/09/2017 – An intense monologue concerning the churches reaction to recent tragedies such as the Las Vegas shooting, the NYC terrorist attack, and the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX. Plus, a practical teaching concerning the importance of distinguishing between biblical fact and personal assumption when teaching biblical prophecy […]

Tour the Bible Episode 1

The Tour The Bible Broadcast – 11/02/2017 – The debut episode of the Tour The Bible Broadcast! Be introduced to the program and find out what to expect on future episodes. Also, included is “Awkward Date Night” and a surprise telephone call from POTUS! Tune in every Thursday at 9 pm EST on HGR 2. […]