Reach Your City Episode 1

Reach Your City Podcast with Thomas Rome Episode 1 #1 – What Do You See? Going Into Your Samaria. Remember that you can tune in to the podcast when a new episode airs every Monday at 6pm PST on HGR 2. You can catch previous episodes by subscribing to the Holy Ghost Radio Blog podcast. […]

Pentecostal Sermons

Pentecostal Sermons   It is hard to find a site that has Pentecostal sermons online. Holy Ghost Radio is a site that is dedicated to providing online Pentecostal Sermons.  Are you Pentecostal and are looking for online pentecostal sermons?  Our site will have a message that will help bring you closer to God.  If you […]

About Holy Ghost Radio

Holy Ghost Radio is a Pentecostal Radio station that is dedicated to bringing the word of God to people all around the world. Holy Ghost Radio currently has two different channels but will be expanding to more channels in time. Holy Ghost Radio has between 3-4,000 sermons currently and is always adding more. If you […]

Holy Ghost Radio Podcast is now on iTunes

praise the Lord everybody, you can now subscribe to the Holy Ghost Radio Podcast in iTunes. please click on the following link to subscribe via the iTunes store. We will be sharing a lot of free content via this podcast. As always, thank you for your support, thank you for tuning in to Holy Ghost […]