HGR Update 06 11 2022

20 Years of HGR - 20,000 Sermons In Our Shop Archives

On behalf of the entire HGR staff, we are so very grateful to all of you that have made the HGR ministry possible during the last 20 years. Many of you have sent us preaching tapes, cds, and mp3s so that we can share them with the rest of our listeners. HGR now has more than 20,000 sermons in the archives because many of you have sent us the content, you have helped HGR get to this point. Thank you for allowing us to grow.  We want to thank those of you who visit the shop and purchase the sermons that you hear on our HGR stations. All of the proceeds are invested right back into the ministry. Thank you for allowing us to keep the servers running and continue to make improvements in order to give you a better experience. Remember that any sermon that you hear on any of our HGR stations can be purchased in the shop. We add between 50 to 100 sermons to our stations weekly, please tune in often, you are bound to hear something you haven’t heard before on HGR.  Please visit our shop to support HGR

HGR VIP Now Has 21 Stations

When you become an HGR VIP, with your $10 dollars a month or $100 dollars a year subscription, not only do you get all of our HGR stations – all 21, you also partner with us in helping spread this great gospel message all over the world. You may not get to go to a foreign country alongside a missionary or preach the gospel in another country or reach the lost in other areas far from you, but when you partner with HGR with your subscription, you are reaching the lost, you are reaching the wayward along with us. Many are the testimonies of people who have returned to church or have gone to church for the first time because someone told them about HGR. Just this week Bro. Jeff Hoffer heard from someone that was told about HGR, the person tuned in, heard a message by Vaughn Morton that touched his heart and God led him to go back to church. To God be the glory! Thank you VIP’s for making it possible. Thanks to all of our supporters for sharing in the burden of reaching the lost and the wayward. Many are the missionaries and ministers that are blessed by the ministry of HGR. The Word of God comes right on time. If you haven’t become a VIP yet, we invite you to sign up and help us continue to grow and continue to make improvements in order to server our listeners better. 

We have recently added the Leon frost channel to our VIP Stations. When you become a VIP Member for $10 Dollars a month or $100 dollars a year, this is what you get 

HGR 1 and 2

(Exclusive for VIPs only) – HGR 3, HGR 4, HGR 5 – These are commercial free

HGR Music, HGR Dmm Business Class


(Exclusive for VIPs only) – HGR Ladies – Ladies preaching 24/7

9 Speaker channels that only play the speaker’s content 24/7 on that channel.

(Exclusive for VIPs only) – HGR Crawford Coon, HGR Jeff Arnold, HGR Johnny Godair, HGR Joel Holmes, HGR Keith Clark, HGR Larry Booker, HGR Lee Stoneking, HGR Leon Frost, HGR Nathaniel J Wilson. 

Languages – HGR Arabic, HGR Esp 1, HGR Esp 2, HGR Portugues

Allow us to bless others by becoming a VIP. thank you for partnering with HGR during the last 20 years, thank you for being a part of HGR during the next 20.