HGR Prayer Navy Hoodie


The saying on the back of this hoodie makes it our most popular design. Many conversations about prayer and forming a relationship with God have been started by the saying on the back of our most popular HGR Shirt. “Cash me in the da prayer room. How bow dah? #HGRprayer. Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? Acts 19:2.”

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Represent and show your love for HGR with the HGR Prayer Navy Hoodie which is our most popular design. One of the greatest witnessing tools. When non believers read the back of your shirt, they will come up to you  and start up a conversation about prayer. Great way to witness to people and a great way to break the ice to start talking to people about the only saving gospel. When you purchase any of our gear or sermons, you provide funds to help keep this ministry running. We are careful about our brand at Holy Ghost Radio, we assure you that our gear is of great quality and durability.

HGR Prayer Navy Hoodie

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